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Minnesota Parental Notification Law

The Minnesota Parental Notification Law applies to all individuals under the age of 18 who want to have an abortion. The statute states that anyone under the age of 18 may not obtain an abortion in Minnesota unless they have notified both of their parents (those listed on the current birth certificate of the individual seeking an abortion) of their decision to terminate the pregnancy, or have received permission from a judge to bypass the Minnesota Parental Notification Law. Once the parent(s) have been notified, the minor may seek an abortion whether or not the parents consent.

Meeting the requirements of the Parental Notification Law

A patient seeking an abortion in Minnesota under the age of eighteen (18), is required by law to do one of the following:

  •  Be accompanied by both parents on the day of the appointment.
  • Be accompanied by one parent on the day of the appointment and bring a signed note from the absent parent.
  • Be emancipated. To be considered emancipated in Minnesota, the minor patient must already have a child, be married, or be legally emancipated.

Clients may use the Judicial By-pass System

If the client has good reason not to tell one or both parents, they may go through a judicial bypass process to obtain permission. WE Health Clinic staff will schedule an appointment at the St. Louis County Courthouse on the same day as the minor patient’s abortion appointment. There is no cost for the court hearing. For more information regarding this process, speak with a WE Health Clinic staff member by calling 218-727-3352.

If a parent is deceased, the death certificate is required for verification.

In all cases, the minor and their parent(s) must supply an acceptable form of picture identification and the minor’s legal birth certificate.

Acceptable Identification

  • Minor patients may use a birth certificate, driver’s license, state ID, tribal ID, passport, visa, school ID, or yearbook with clear photo.
  • Parents of the minor patient may use a driver’s license, state ID, tribal ID, passport, visa, or other official ID including the adult’s name and photo. If a parent’s name has changed and is different than the one on the minor’s birth certificate, proper documentation is required to show the name change.