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Telehealth Medication Abortion

Telehealth Medication Abortion is a convenient option for our patients which requires no in-person visits and allows you to have abortion-care from home.

You must be 11 weeks (77 days) pregnant or less at the time of your telehealth appointment with our doctor. A medication abortion is similar to an early miscarriage and is done using two medications. The first medication, mifepristone, is taken which works by blocking the hormone progesterone from reaching the pregnancy. This stops development of the pregnancy and begins the abortion process. Most people don’t feel much after taking this first medication. A second medication, misoprostol, is taken 24 to 48 hours later and causes the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy.  After taking the second medication you will experience bleeding and cramping, the heaviest lasting for about 4-6 hours and then it lightens up. You can continue to have lighter bleeding and/or spotting up to 4-6 weeks after your medication abortion.

To Qualify:

-You must be 18 years of age or older
-If you are getting your medications mailed you must have a Minnesota mailing address
-You must be in the state of Minnesota at the time of your telehealth visit with our physician
-These are just some of the basic requirements to qualify for a Telehealth Medication Abortion, our staff will also go through your medical history to make sure this is a good option for you and your health.

How does it work?

Follow the steps below to have your abortion from home!

1. Call us! At this first call we will:
-Do an initial basic screening
-Give you an idea of which dates we have available to possibly schedule your appointment
-Send you a link to the forms you must complete.

2. Fill out your forms
-Complete these forms ASAP. They can be filled out either on a computer or on a smart phone
-These forms go into more detail about your medical history to make sure Telehealth Medication Abortion is the best and safest option for you
-Once you have finished your online forms our staff will review them within 24-48 hours, if they determine you qualify we will send you a link via text with:

-Upcoming available dates for your telehealth appointment to choose from
-A link to online payment – payment must be received by the day prior to your telehealth appointment, if not your appointment will be cancelled or rescheduled!

 3. Have your telehealth visit. At this visit you will:
-Connect with our staff by phone and/or video chat
-Talk with our patient educators who will give you guidance on what to expect during the abortion process and afterwards as you heal up
-Talk with our physician who will answer any health questions or concerns you have about your abortion.

4. Have your abortion
-We will mail you (you can also pick up at our clinic) all the medications and instructions you will need to complete your abortion at home
-If you have any questions or concern our staff is available 24/7 during your abortion process. Just call our regular number after business hours and you will be connected with us!
-Staff will follow-up with you after your telehealth appointment to make sure everything went as expected and that you are feeling well.

Home Care Instructions

Below are the home care instructions on how to complete your Telehealth Medication Abortion at home!

Telehealth Medication Abortion Home Care Instructions

After-Abortion Bleeding Chart

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