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Payment and Fee Information

WE Health Clinic accepts cash, credit cards (Visa, Discover, American Express, MasterCard), and debit cards. WE Health Clinic does not accept personal checks. Abortion services must be paid for in full at the time of service.

WE Health Clinic also accepts most major health insurances and Minnesota Medical Assistance. WE Health Clinic does not accept Wisconsin or Michigan Medicaid. Insurance providers may or may not provide abortion coverage. Please check your policy as each insurance provider varies.

There may be limited funding available to help pay for your health services and/or abortion. Please call WE Health Clinic for further information about special funding options.

Visit the Low and No Cost Services and Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening on our pages for more information on funding opportunities.

Pregnancy Termination Fees


*Rhogam is an additional medication required for some individuals with a negative blood type (Rh-) seeking an abortion (about 15% of people are Rh-). We test our patient’s blood on the day of their appointment to determine blood type. Rhogam requirement is dependent on gestational age and type of abortion procedure.