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Trans/Nonbinary Health Care and Hormone FAQs

Am I guaranteed to get hormones?

Not necessarily. We have to make sure that you are able to give informed consent before being prescribed hormones. We will also make sure that hormones are safe for your body and your health.

If we find that you have any health conditions or concerns that require attention before you can start on hormones, we will help connect you with a primary care provider or specialist that would be a good fit for you. In some cases we may refer you to another hormone provider if we feel we can’t meet your needs.

What is informed consent?

Informed consent means that a person has the cognitive ability to make a decision, and that they have been presented with all of the information they need to make that decision informed. The Informed Consent model means that hormone therapy patients are not required to get a letter of psychological fitness from a therapist before they can be medically evaluated for hormone care.

We are committed to providing our patients with all the education and information necessary about various risks, benefits, and effects of hormones so that they can make informed decisions for their own bodies and health care.

What if I have already taken hormones?

We are happy to help you continue taking hormones. You can contact the clinic to make an appointment. Please have your medical records from any previous hormone providers sent to WE Health Clinic before your first appointment. Please bring any hormone medications you are currently taking to your first appointment as well.

Do I have to go to therapy to get hormones?

No. Being trans, genderqueer, nonbinary, and/or gender expansive etc…is not a mental illness. While we encourage all of our patients to seek support and therapy during their transition, we also respect that not everyone wants to or needs to.

If you are interested in going to therapy for support, we can give you referrals/information on gender-affirming therapists and counselors in the area.

I’m nonbinary. Will my identity be respected?

Of course! We understand that gender doesn’t exist on a binary for many people, and that not all who are seeking hormone therapy have the same vision or goals for their bodies or their transition.

Our providers will talk with you about your identity and the goals you have for taking hormones. Your care plan will be personalized to help meet your needs as much as possible.

How do I get started?

Call us at 218-727-3352 if you are ready to schedule an appointment to get started on hormones. You do not need a referral from another provider to begin hormone care at WE Health Clinic.

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