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WE Health Clinic FAQs

Where are you located?


WE Health Clinic is located at 32 East 1st Street, Suite 300 in Duluth, MN on the third floor of The Building for Women, at the corner of 1st Street and 1st Avenue East. Paid parking is available in the Technology Village ramp off 1st Street, located next to The Building for Women. Please call 218-727-3352 if you have any difficulty finding our facility.

Will there be protesters when I arrive at the clinic?

Protestors may be present in front of the clinic, especially on days when abortion procedures are being performed. They are not allowed to block your entrance, touch you, or talk to you after you tell them not to. You also do not need to take any materials from them or listen to what they have to say.

There will be WE Health Clinic volunteers wearing brightly colored vests that say “Pro-Choice Clinic Escort” to greet you. Please tell them if you have any difficulties with the protestors.

What is Women’s Care Center?

You may have seen Women’s Care Center located kitty-corner from our building. This is not a medical clinic, they are an anti-choice organization. If you accidentally go to their facility, they will not tell you that you are in the wrong place and will often give medically inaccurate information. This is very typical of a Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC). If you would like more information on how Crisis Pregnancy Centers work please visit ProChoiceMinnesota.org .

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