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At WE Health Clinic, we believe everyone should be in control of their own sexual and reproductive health. WE Health Clinic strives to help our patients make informed and confident health decisions.

We are the only abortion provider in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Since 1981 we have been providing sexual, reproductive, and abortion services as Women’s Health Center, and starting in 2019, as WE Health Clinic.

In 2018/2019 we expanded our services to include gender-affirming hormone therapy and PrEP therapy to better serve our community. We also changed our name to WE Health Clinic in order to better represent our patients and the services we provide.

WE Health Clinic is accredited by the National Abortion Federation (NAF), the agency that sets standards for abortion clinics in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. WE Health Clinic is also a member of the Abortion Care Network (ACN), a network of independent abortion providers in the United States.

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“Thank you for offering crucial services to women that may not otherwise have access.”


“The atmosphere, materials, and staff as a whole are the most affirming and friendly of any medical establishment I’ve been to. Very respectful, understanding, and eager to take feedback. The practitioner I saw was very professional, helpful, and good at what she does.”


“Thank you for fighting for our rights as human women. This place is phenomenal.”


Payments & Fees

WE Health Clinic accepts multiple forms of payment to fit your needs. Learn more about our payment options and fees.

Support Our Community

We are stronger together! By building a community and supporting each other, we can reach our goal of sexual and reproductive health care for all. Join our community by donating to WE Health Clinic.

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