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Made From Scratch…

H.O.T.D.I.S.H. (Hand Over The Decision It’S Healthcare) Militia was born on the day Paul Wellstone, beloved progressive MN US Senator and abortion-rights supporter, died – October 25, 2002. That same day a powerful group of individuals gathered together as part of a two day feminist conference. At the close of the event, devastated by the loss of the Senator and inspired by the energy in the room, several attendees agreed that one of the things lacking in the Twin Ports area was visibility around reproductive health. In the years to follow the group would organize pro-abortion protests, marches, performance art pieces, bike-rides, live radio-broadcasts, a trip to Washington DC, and in 2004 the first H.O.T.D.I.S.H. Bake–Off Fundraiser was held – giving us our fund’s name. The fundraiser was designed to engage people in the reproductive rights movement and local food culture to raise money for those who needed financial support with reproductive health services at the region’s only abortion provider – WE Health Clinic. The fundraiser would become the group’s namesake, and along with our Bowl-A-Thon, continues to be a cherished and much-anticipated event each year!

Today H.O.T.D.I.S.H. Militia has grown to become a program of WE Health Clinic, overseen by a board committee made of volunteer community members; operated and coordinated by WE Health Clinic staff; and made possible through the support of the Twin-Ports (and beyond!) pro-abortion community.  H.O.T.D.I.S.H. Milita now focuses on raising and distributing funding to directly assist WE Health Clinic patients afford their abortion-related services. 

In honor of those who have come before us seeking justice, access and well-being for all; the multitude of individuals continuing the work for reproductive rights; and for the autonomy of all those in need of an abortion, we do this work.