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Funding Abortion

In addition to receiving donations throughout the year, we host two fundraising events annually.


Every Spring, we participate in the National Network of Abortion Funds “Fund-A-Thon.” Where communities gather across the United States to raise money for their local abortion funds. 

In Duluth, we host a “Bowl-A-Thon” where participants divide into teams that raise money over a month. Then, we celebrate our accomplishments with a bowling party.

In 2023, we had 23 teams made up of 144 people that raised over $40,000 for abortion access.


In the Fall, we invite Duluthians to show off their culinary skills and destigmatize abortion care in the annual H.O.T.D.I.S.H. bake-off. Community members dust off favorite cookbooks, gather to compete, and collectively share a meal as we raise money for our abortion fund. 

This event has been dearly loved for over 20 years. In 2023, 35 hotdishes were entered into 6 categories and enjoyed by around 100 community members.

The People we Fund

Annually, H.O.T.D.I.S.H. Militia provides over 100 patients at WE Health Clinic (WHC) with funding they need to access abortion care. This totals between $25,000 – $30,000 each year. 

Over 30% of WHC patients require financial assistance while receiving abortion care. Reasons patients may need financial assistance are varied and may include:

  • Being uninsured
  • Being under-insured – few private insurance companies cover the cost of abortion or require a large deductible be met before abortion coverage begins.
  • 26% of WHC patients are from neighboring states where abortion access has been banned or severely restricted. State-sponsored insurance from the states surrounding Minnesota does not cover abortion services.
  • Choosing not to use insurance for privacy and safety concerns.

While many patients are able to receive funding from other abortion funds across the region, it’s not a guarantee that all expenses will be covered. Sometimes, all a patient needs is a few hundred dollars – and this amount of money separates them from their reproductive freedom.

The H.O.T.D.I.S.H. Militia Abortion Fund serves as an in-house, last line of defense for patients. When a patient arrives at WE Health, staff are able to cover their remaining balance with H.O.T.D.I.S.H. funds that same day, ensuring no one is ever turned away due to a lack of funding. 

In 2023

  • A total of $27,654.07 was pledged to patient care
  • We provided funding for 162 patients
  • Our average pledge amount was $170.70
  • We provided 48 patients with funding for Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) for pain management, totaling $2,448